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This is what we discussed:





1. User-centered

The success of a project is often determined in its early phases. End users, architects, designers, developers and stakeholders will commit to the common target from the beginning. It is challenging, but possible, to fit together all desired business benefits and user needs.

2. Business

The importances of dynamic capabilities are highlighted in a constantly changing business world. Technologies must directly support existing businesses, or courageously create new development paths. I present the factors that disrupt your business, and I will help you to use them to your advantage.

3. Technology

Technology has been the backbone of every project I have lead during my career. No matter what the technology setup is, we will break it down together and find ways to utilize it to serve your customers and stakeholders, and to create profitable and scalable business.


How will megatrends affect your business?

Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Robotics, Remote Control, 5G & 6G connectivity, VR and AR.

As the technologies essential to your business become mature, the most potential development opportunities need to be identified and a concrete project must be started. I will help you identify the most important technology and partners, create a technological development roadmap and build project proposals for development. I am also involved with my team and Chief digital officer service to support you in pilot and implementation projects.

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How can the new technologies be exploited?

Below you can find examples of concepts and projects.

Increasing the utilization of real estate

The goal was to improve the real estate utilization by using new technology. The users of the space and stakeholders were taken into account, and various information systems were connected into each other. With a new mobile application, the use of the spaces was made easier and utilization improved by more than 26 percentage points (more than double).


Heavy Industry and Digital Twin

Industry maintenance required accuracy and real-time information to improve everyday work. IoT sensors were installed into the right places, and various information systems and information models were used to create a real-time AR view for maintenance workers. The workers can now see the correct maintenance part or target in their view, with real-time information to help them.


Digital service path

A normal apartment housing system required the design of everyday services. The residents, owners and service providers were gathered into one service, which allows them to choose and acquire their own service for living and support. The resident satisfaction indicator improved, and old ways of working changed. The concept was taken into use in multiple locations.


A self-learning platform forecasts results

Performance results had been measured for a long amount of time, but none of the factors affecting them had been identified in concrete terms. By clustering the results and using reinforced learning (Bayes theorem) technology we were able to create a platform that can create result forecasts.


Service models in product business

The current product-based business model became outdated due to increasing competition. The customers were ready to change from one-time purchases to service payments and service indicators. By creating process indicators both supplier and buyer got a real-time view of the current state of the business and development areas.

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Understanding megatrends remote lunch

Book a lunch where we discuss a megatrend of your choosing. Let's go through the opportunities and challenges related to your business.

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